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technical information on panorama photography

The Technology to display Panorama photographies

On this side you are going to know general information of the technology used by us, and the requirements which have to be fulfilled on your side to display the panoramas.

Informations about the technology for the production of the panoramas can be called up on a separate side...

Virtual Display

The virtual display is generated with a Flash animation. Flash 9 is required and can be downloaded at Adobe Website.
The Player has several control buttons.


To control the movie, just click one of the arrow buttons or click onto the picture and move the mouse while the button is pressed an move your mouse, the picture will follow. If you release the mouse button, the picture stops rotating.

With this buttons you can control the movement of the picture.
You can zoom in an out by using this buttons.
Hit this button and the automatic rotation stops or starts.
In our big player you can click on this button to start a fullscreen display.

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