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The Panorama tours on Tenerife

The Panorama tours on Tenerife

We devided the fantastic varied landscapes od the island into four regional routes. These are not obligatory identical with the regions of other tour guides. Who knows the island, knows that there is a large variety of landscapes in the many different regions of the island.

We divide here into the north-east, the northwest, the south and a central area, which we called Teide. In our routes we present with priority pure landscape photographies.

We dedicated a special area to the panoramas of the cities.

To each route you find a short introduction as well as an overview with preview pictures of the respective 360 degree Panorama photography. With one click at the respective preview picture you get to an interactive presentation. For the display you need either QuickTime or Java as well as Javascript. You can find further information about this at the technology page.

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